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Avocado and Melon Salad

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Avocado and Melon Salad is a blend of creamy avocado, juicy honeydew melon, and microgreens, all drizzled with a delicious Vinaigrette. This salad is a celebration of freshness, making it perfect for a light lunch or a side dish at your next gathering.

Main image for Avocado Melon Salad

It is salad season, and I am in the mood for more variety in my salad bowls.

Which is why today you are getting this avocado melon salad.

It is nothing like this watermelon feta salad with fresh mint leaves and feta cheese, which is delicious, but very much a watermelon salad only.

This melon salad is served on a bed of baby spinach with micro greens.

It is loaded with great flavors and textures that make it a truly scrumptious salad.

With the cool avocado and refreshing lime vinaigrette, it is one of my favorite ways to eat lunch on hot summer days.

Whether you need a refreshing summer salad or just more easy salad recipes, this avocado melon salad is perfect anytime of the day or year!

All ingredients laid out and ready to assemble.

What Ingredients are in Avocado and Melon Salad?

  • Baby Spinach: a nutrient-rich salad greens base with a mild flavor.
  • Ripe Avocado: creamy texture and a buttery taste go perfectly with the other salad ingredients.
  • Honeydew Melon: juicy and sweet, this goes well with the other ingredients.
  • Cucumber: spiralized for a refreshing crunch in the melon avocado salad.
  • Mixed Microgreens: a blend of micro greens adds depth and nutrition. Choose your favorite combination.
  • Honey Lime Vinaigrette: a dressing that brings a perfect balance of olive oil, lime juice, honey and garlic, without any effort from you!

Pro Tip: If you really love using a melon baller, go ahead and use it on your sweet melon. I prefer to dice it into smaller pieces in this avocado salad recipe. 

Spinach laid out on the bottom of a bowl

How to Make Avocado and Melon Salad:

  1. Lay a bed of baby spinach in your large salad bowl or individual small bowl dishes.
  2. Arrange avocado, honeydew, cucumber, and microgreens on top of the spinach.
  3. Drizzle the vinaigrette dressing over the salad.

Pro Tip: For an extra pop of freshness, refrigerate the ingredients before assembling the salad.

Spiralized cucumber laid out on top of spinach

Is Avocado and Melon Salad Healthy?

Yes this green melon salad is very healthy!

It is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like baby spinach, avocado, and microgreens, which means it gives you a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The Honey, Lime, and Garlic Vinaigrette is a great addition without giving up health benefits.

Pro Tip: Adjust the amount of dressing to your taste preferences and dietary needs.

Can I Make Avocado and Melon Salad Ahead of Time?

Honeydew melon salad is best enjoyed fresh.

But you can prepare the ingredients in advance and assemble the salad just before serving to keep its crispiness and flavors.

Pro Tip: Store the components separately and combine them right before serving to prevent the salad from becoming soggy.

Dressing being poured over the top of salad

How to Store Leftover Avocado and Melon Salad:

Store any leftover honeydew salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Eat within 1-2 days as the avocado will turn brown the more it is exposed to air.

Pro Tip: If you know you will have leftovers, do not dress the salad. Keep the dressing separate to keep the salad’s crispness as much as possible.

Can You Freeze Avocado and Melon Salad?

While you can freeze anything, this honeydew melon green salad will not have the same texture if you freeze and thaw it.

However, I have frozen the undressed salad to use in my morning smoothie. 

Spinach, avocado, sweet melon, cucumber, and micro greens are great when frozen and blended with your favorite smoothie liquid and sweetener.

I like adding pineapple and almond milk.

micro greens, melon and avocado added to spinach and cucumber in bowl

Can I Use Other Melons for This Salad?

Yes you can use other melons for this avocado melon salad!

I love this Little Green Flair Bowl is all green, but if you love melons, feel free to experiment with different varieties.

Try a cantaloupe or sweet watermelon avocado salad for a unique twist of flavors and colors.

Is an Avocado a Melon (and Are They Related)?

No, an avocado is not a melon, and they are not related.

Avocados are fruits from the Lauraceae family, which means it is most closely related to cinnamon and sassafras.

Melons belong to the Cucurbitaceae family, which means they are related to cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins.

They differ in taste, texture, and classification.

zoomed in image of salad in the bowl with dressing

What to Serve with Avocado and Melon Salad:

Try serving this melon avocado salad with these sour cream marinated chicken or this pretzel crusted chicken.

I also love it with fish tacos, or a bowl of quinoa for a complete and satisfying meal.

Just for fun, serve melon and avocado salad with this asparagus vichyssoise.

It gives you a green salad, a chilled green soup, and all you need is your favorite bread to give you a great meal. (Try this Dutch Raisin Bread Recipe!)

Is Avocado and Melon Salad Keto?

Yes, this avocado salad is keto-friendly, thanks to its low-carb and high-fat components like avocado.

The Honey, Lime, and Garlic Vinaigrette can be adjusted to fit keto dietary preferences.

Pro Tip: Customize the salad by adding keto-friendly toppings like bacon or Parmesan cheese.

top view looking down at tossed salad in bowl with a fork

Is Avocado and Melon Salad Gluten-Free?

Yes this melon salad is gluten-free!

Every ingredient in this dish is naturally gluten-free, making it a safe and delicious option for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Pro TipDouble-check the ingredients in prepackaged items like the salad dressing to make sure they are gluten-free every time you buy them. Companies change ingredients, and you always want to make sure it is safe.

Fork scooping up a portion of the salad

Additional Salads You’ll Love…

This avocado and melon salad is a simple side dish perfect for any season of the year. Serve it as a perfect summer side dish, a fun holiday side, or just to add more greens to your diet. However you serve it, with its great fresh flavors, it is a salad everyone will love.

Yield: 4 Salads

Avocado and Melon Salad

micro greens, melon and avocado added to spinach and cucumber in bowl

This Avocado and Melon Salad is a blend of creamy avocado, juicy melon, and microgreens, drizzled with a Honey, Lime, and Garlic Vinaigrette.


  1. Lay a bed of spinach in a salad bowl.
  2. Top spinach with spiralized cucumber, microgreens, avocado and melon.
  3. Combine all ingredients for dressing. I like to shake them up in a mason jar.
  4. Lightly dress salad to your taste and enjoy.
  5. This salad makes up to 4 bowls

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Thursday 23rd of May 2024

This salad is exactly what I needed after a hot day outside! Refreshing!


Thursday 23rd of May 2024

I made your Avocado and Melon Salad for a light lunch, and it was so refreshing! The creamy avocado paired perfectly with the sweet melon, and the dressing was just right. It was a beautiful and tasty salad that I’ll be making often.


Thursday 23rd of May 2024

This salad is my new favorite! It's so refreshing and I love all the flavors and textures!

Erin | Dinners, Dishes and Dessert

Thursday 23rd of May 2024

This is my new favorite salad! This was so light and refreshing, and so easy to make too! Thinking about making it again this weekend!


Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

This is the all time summer salad. The flavors here just work!

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